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For the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we carry out transportation for compensation of the cost of fuel. Evacuation and volunteer flights at minimum fares.

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Renting a bus with a driver is not a daily service, unless you are an employee of a serious international company or an administrator of a travel agency – then the situation changes radically – it is vital for you to know where, under what conditions and how quickly a bus with a driver is rented. Be that as it may, from time to time, any of us needs rent a bus for a wedding, rent a bus for children, business passenger transportation… Kyiv is by no means a small city and it is necessary to carry out an operational, comfortable and organized transporting even a small group of people can be quite difficult. Ordering a bus (Kyiv, we will touch on our capital for now) it is better to plan in advance and even in this case no one is immune from annoying “overlays” – the technique, no matter how carefully looked after it, remains just a technique, and it is impossible to plan traffic situations in principle. It is all the more valuable if there is a transport company whose fleet allows you to quickly replace the vehicle in case of misunderstanding.

When ordering a bus is justified

It’s not just intracity bus rental that matters. Kyiv, a trip to the suburbs, a tourist trip – in the end, everything is decided by the cost of renting a bus. It is much more convenient to travel comfortably than to constantly control which of the intersections this or that car of the cavalcade is stuck at (if you suddenly decide that you can’t afford rent a bus or the price of this service seemed excessive to you). The cost of renting a bus is important, but the safety of the promotion is no less significant. It is pleasant and reassuring to know that both transport and passengers are insured – this means that you will get the most out of your trip.

If it was you who was instructed to order a bus for a wedding, for example, then the last consideration may be decisive – in a situation where a good half of the passengers are quite expectedly nervous (everything – they get married, get married or give their beloved child into “the wrong hands” not every day, the moment is quite exciting), then at least one unjustified fear will be less. And renting a bus for a wedding, and especially renting a bus for children – these are just such cases.

Ordering a bus for a wedding, by the way, is not as easy as it might seem at first glance – the car must be well-groomed, fully serviceable, elegant and respectable. That is why high-quality passenger transportation is so in demand, Kyiv dictates certain “framework”.

Additionally: if the carrier guarantees the possibility of carrying out passenger transportation outside the city and country, this already says something. Just like having your own rather than rented fleet of cars, there are many “firms” that are something like a control room. It is difficult to assess the quality of services in such organizations in advance, but the price of the issue definitely increases – by the amount of the intermediary’s tariff.

Bus order. Issue price, details, features

(how to order a bus directly (let’s take Kyiv as an example) and what to pay attention to first of all)

How hard is it to rent a bus? Kyiv is a big city. Finding a company that will provide you with such a service is not difficult. But… renting a bus, the price of which will not “bite” – this is already a slightly different level of “urban magic”.

Ordering a bus from a Kyiv company can take different forms. If you are a representative of an organization, you need to make sure:

  • that the carrier can conclude a formal contract (this is also true for a private order);

  • that the agency has all the necessary permits – especially important when it comes to moving around the country or, even more so, outside it – it doesn’t matter, in the CIS countries or Europe, whose standards are much stricter and not every company can offer such a service.

In addition to all of the above, the administration of “Avtobus.site” draws our attention to a number of non-obvious aspects – for example, a really serious company will not necessarily insist on making a deposit when pre-ordering, it will accept payment in any form – both in cash directly to the driver, and bank payment, and only actual values ​​will be taken into account, regardless of whether the order is paid by time or by mileage, will make pleasant discounts, and in case of long-term cooperation, she will offer to develop a flexible payment schedule and coordinate routes and transport units (at some point you need a bus, at some point you need a vehicle no lower than a limousine). A worthy carrier will definitely do everything possible to ensure that the ordered car is delivered on time – clean, serviceable, with a polite, smiling driver behind the wheel of a car.

In “Avtobus.site” they offer their customers to weigh in advance what kind of transport they need, for how long or distance, what level and capacity, and only then order a bus, the price of which will be justified and acceptable. In other words, before making your choice in favor of a particular vehicle, try to clearly plan all the details – the route of the trip, the number of passengers, the parking time, take into account additional points – the form of payment, for example, the requirements for processing the transaction, and in the case of renting a bus for a wedding procession, then for decorating a car. And even then order a bus (Kyiv, recall).

Among other things, there is one more important nuance that is usually forgotten. It’s about the decency of staff and administration. At “Avtobus.site”, any forgotten little thing will be returned to you – both an umbrella and a laptop (not to mention larger valuables). Just imagine that the bus was rented for a wedding or a boring picnic trip in such a composition when the bus was already needed. Transportation (both to Kyiv and to the bosom of nature) of a cheerful company is a rather troublesome business, and the journey may well turn out to be somewhat chaotic. It is in such situations that the decency and complaisance of the staff will be extremely appropriate