8 tips for a tourist in Lviv

8 tips for a tourist in Lviv

Pick up a parasol

The lions are scurrying that they have a tree in the city for 1240 years, so they fall asleep at the moment. Now the forecast shows clearly that there is little gloominess – all the same, take a parasol. You need 9 vipadas for 10 wines. І warn that if the weather changes sharply, the temperature may also drop by 5-7 degrees. It is especially worth watching if everything is lightly dressed. On the verge of a sharp change, wait for the good mother with you to light a light jacket.

8 tips for a tourist in Lviv

Walk to the station

When you get off the train or the bus, you just want to rush to the nearest kiosk and shop, which smells so delicious all over the station square. Ale ce rizikovan vіvka. At the station area, call transit passengers to have a bite, they don’t want to skim near Lvov. Tse is not the most important for the service and quality of products. Not far from the tasting of the range of railway station kiosks, you were impressed about the place and this whole trip. Better sit at the tram and get to the center.

Write to your eyes

While searching for a cafe or a restaurant, don’t rely too much on lists like “Ten Best Restaurants in Lviv”. Here everything changes very quickly – for the specified address, another mortgage may appear. And besides, you can miss a chic cafe, like only a little, but it turned out and just didn’t get famous. By the way, chuli, what on the Rinok square a new restaurant has opened from the terrace on the fourth version? Axis te.

8 tips for a tourist in Lviv

Just Power

Don’t ask the waiters about the availability of a free table in a cafe or a restaurant, just ask if everyone is busy. Lviv restaurants often have additional halls at the basement on a different side. Shards from the streets are not visible, ring out in such halls in the free time. In addition, the basement halls in the old houses create a special atmosphere: you want to go into them to have mercy on the surroundings

Don’t stay near Cherz

Don’t spend an hour on the cherez before the bridging mortgages. As if you were worthy of a cafe in the center, ale bіla new visikuvala slinky rosemіrіv cherga, search Google for information about the new one. Successful mortgages often show names, in some menus they are the same as in the main restaurant, and the cards are much smaller. Sometimes you can see another cafe, as if you belong to the same master.

No need for Louboutins

Pull in with your hands in. Brukivka on the Rynok Square is rotten to go for a defiance on high picks. If you ever happen to walk around the center, otherwise you will still spend it in cherga, after ten quills on high heels you (or your companion) will curse everything in the world. Leave labuteins for exhibitions at the Opera House.

8 tips for a tourist in Lviv

Look into the hotel

Even if you booked a room with a hotel, but didn’t pay, it’s better if you come to Lviv to look in there and see if it’s worthy of home. It’s a pity, there were some fluctuations, if the price was higher on the site, lower on the site, otherwise there was no big number. There are no universal recommendations anywhere. Wanting, maybe, to incite friends, as if not long ago they saw Lviv, so as not to please the stench of the hotel.

Relax and take away your satisfaction

Be patient and love your neighbor. There are a lot of tourists near Lviv. Navit already rich. At the NATO in the public square, it might be possible. For example, a strange child appears under your feet. Abo, on the Vuzky Street, right in front of you, a couple succumbed to death, as if they didn’t want the rose of happy hands. Abo you to fasten the bag. Abo vyvedut z-pіd nose of the remaining table at the cafe, which was worthy. So dribnitsy zdatnі zіpsuvati nastrіy – so don’t cook until the end. Just remember that others came to Lvov for him, that you seem to be in a beautiful place.

8 tips for a tourist in Lviv