Excursions to the factory of Christmas decorations

Excursions to the factory of Christmas decorations

December is the time to wait for the New Year’s magic. So it’s time to see where the miracle is born. An excursion for schoolchildren to the factory of Christmas decorations in Klavdievo is extremely popular these days.

фабрика елочных игрушек

Christmas tree decorations factory in Klavdievo is a place where favorite holidays last all winter, where children laugh, elves work, and the spirit of Christmas is in the air. However, not everyone knows that it is here that the real magician lives, to whom you can come to visit and see with your own eyes a magic factory where, with the help of magic, real Christmas tree decorations are made of glass and fire.
In the art workshop, under the brush of the artist, the glass form comes to life, turning into a multi-colored Christmas tree toy. And at the school of elves, during the master class, you will paint your Christmas tree toy, which will remain as a gift in our branded packaging. After all the work done, you can personally write a letter to Santa Claus and leave it at the post office

The tour includes:

  • visiting a glass blowing shop and an art workshop;
  • Museum of Toy History and Exhibitions;
  • fantastic town of Lemax and acquaintance with the main wizard of the factory;
  • Santa Claus post office;
  • master class on painting a Christmas toy;
  • visiting a branded toy store.

Christmas decoration factory Factory tour cost:

200 UAHper person.

The cost of renting a bus for a trip depends on the number of children:

  • up to 20 people–2700 UAH;
  • up to 33person–3600UAH;
  • up to 38 person–4200 UAH
  • up to 50 people–4600 UAH;
  • up to 75 people–6000 UAH

An excursion to the factory of Christmas decorations is a great gift for children, there is always a place for a holiday in the course of everyday life. The usual format of entertainment quickly becomes boring, we suggest getting closer to a fairy tale. Tours to the factory of Christmas decorations are especially in demand on the eve of the New Year holidays. Children are very pleased to immerse themselves in an atmosphere filled with pleasant chores, riddles and magic. We offer excursions to the Christmas decorations factory for everyone, providing comfortable trips and access to an exciting program. Watching the process of creating jewelry is very interesting, all visitors will be able to see what is usually hidden behind high walls. An excursion to the Christmas tree factory will bring the holiday closer, providing a combination of educational and entertaining components.

Comfortable bus tour to Klavdievo

Excursions to the factory of Christmas decorations will be convenient due to the timely provision of buses. The organization assumes full compliance with the requirements for the movement of children’s groups. An excursion to the New Year’s toy factory will allow you to relax on the way there and back, to fully organize the departure for the required number of people from the school or the chosen point and return after the end of the program. A busy trip will allow you to get a lot of emotions, covering the distance in a relatively short time. An excursion to the factory of Christmas decorations involves accompaniment by responsible and cheerful specialists, with their help the time will fly by unnoticed.

Learn the true art of glasswork

The tour to the Claudian factory of Christmas decorations includes several of the most attractive stages. Initially, it is proposed to visit the glass blowing shop, it is here that balls and other shapes appear from ordinary flasks due to significant heating. At the New Year’s toy factory, a tour will allow you to see how the material is heated up to 600 degrees and inflated into a finished decoration. In production, children will consider different types of products: cones, airplanes, classic balls and so on.

Silvering toys and decorating them

The tour of the factory of Christmas toys will continue during the transformation of transparent containers into shiny ones. A special solution allows you to provide a mirror shine from the inside. Factory of Christmas decorations tour also includes an introduction to the process of applying patterns. This work is carried out by experienced and talented artists. Fairy-tale heroes, magical characters, animals, winter meadows, Christmas trees, birds and other motifs appear on each ball. A trip to the factory of Christmas decorations will allow you to get acquainted with the secrets of manufacturing and step-by-step drawing.

The Toy Museum is the real magic of the new year

A tour to the factory of Christmas decorations will not let you get bored, a fun road on a comfortable bus and an overview of the factory are complemented by a visit to a real museum. It contains Christmas items from different parts of the world. During excursions to the New Year’s toys factory, children will be able to see the best products from factories and craftsmen. Including all stages from ancient products to modern ones are presented.

During the tour to the Christmas tree factory, you will also be able to see:

  • a room that looks like a gallery of world-class artists;
  • Magic city with miniature chinaware
  • a fairy-tale mystery room that will appeal to all visitors of the Christmas tree decorations factory tour.

Does your child want to leave a letter to Santa Claus? Part of the excursion to the Claudian factory of Christmas decorations is sending them to the main winter wizard and taking thematic photos.

The opportunity to visit the shop and spend time at your own discretion

Factory of New Year’s toys excursion includes a shop where you can pick up toys in the form of figures or balls, with different types of painting. Including, you can attract an artist and get a unique ball with holiday greetings. Porcelain sculptures are also presented in abundance, playing with the theme of the new year. Everyone will get a unique opportunity, at the factory of Christmas tree decorations the presented excursion is complemented by the opportunity to receive a master class. If there is a preliminary appointment and the possibility of holding, visitors themselves paint the ball.

Competent organization of a sightseeing tour

To make trips to the Christmas decorations factory smooth and interesting, the following is provided:

  • attracting experienced, careful and attentive drivers;
  • use of modern, comfortable buses;
  • regular technical inspection;
  • observance of the agreed time and submission to the chosen place;
  • availability of transport for a different number of seats.

The New Year’s toy factory is the place where the best decorations appear, a tour on a comfortable bus will allow you to have a great time. We have all the permissions, and we also work with the requirements in mind.