Lake Rosokhan: the Carpathians you didn’t know about

Lake Rosokhan: the Carpathians you didn’t know about

There are many lakes in the Carpathians. Some of them, for example, Nesamovyta (the more common Ukrainian name is Nesamovyte), Brebeneskul or Vorozheska are very popular places of tourist “pilgrimage” and are surrounded by tents almost all spring, summer and autumn.

Lake Rosokhan: the Carpathians you didn't know about

Next to Lake Rosokhan, located on the Arshitsa ridge, there are fewer people, although it is relatively easy to get to. Sit comfortably, now we will tell you everything.

How to get to or reach Rosokhan

Unlike most of the beautiful wild sights of the Ukrainian Carpathians, to see which you have to go to the mountains for a week, climb the slope and fight your way through extremely unfriendly alpine pine, Rosokhan is easy to get to even with small children.

Lake Rosokhan: the Carpathians you didn't know about

In the absence of personal transport, the way to the lake starts from the village of Osmoloda (90 km from Ivano-Frankivsk). You can get here by public transport from the district center, the town of Kalush. Buses run daily, but it is better to know the schedule in advance. We warn you: the road takes 3-4 hours, of which the last hour will have to be shaken off-road. Well, what can you do, they are like that, the Carpathians.

Have you arrived? Time to hit the road! With your back to the bridge leading to the village, turn your head to the right. You go there.

Lake Rosokhan: the Carpathians you didn't know about

The distance from the village to the lake is 14 km. Don’t be afraid! The first 12 of them will have to go along the same road as they just drove. You can’t call this path tiring – there are practically no ups and downs, you occasionally have to cross pretty Carpathian streams, and on both sides of the road, tall spruce trees rise into the sky. Just imagine this coniferous aroma!

Lake Rosokhan: the Carpathians you didn't know about

Before the turn to the lake, there are several houses – here you can have dinner, even spend the night (in a tent or in “human” conditions). But don’t stop for long, there’s still a long way to go.

Another two kilometers, the road goes through the forest, sometimes passing through thickets of raspberries. You will have to climb up, but not much.

Lake Rosokhan: the Carpathians you didn't know about

If you drive your own car, you can start the journey from here, leaving your car in the “parking lot” near the houses.

Why go to Rosokhan at all

Here we come to the main point, why is it worth coming here at all? However, if you looked at the photos, you probably already understood everything. Rosokhan is mesmerizing: the unnaturally bright turquoise color of the water, absolute transparency, rocky bottom. The lake is located under a ridge, surrounded by trees on all sides. Even on the hottest summer days, it does not dry out.

Lake Rosokhan: the Carpathians you didn't know about

It may seem that its depth is only a couple of tens of centimeters. Moreover, such a feeling arises not only when looking at the photos, but also when you stand on its shore. And again, it’s all about transparency.


Let’s look at Wikipedia:

  • the lake is located at an altitude of 1120 m;
  • length – 60 m, width – 20 m,
  • depth about 4.5 m.

Four and a half meters! Take the risk of swimming – doubts will disappear, because the depth begins just a few steps from the shore. But it’s not easy to get into the lake, the water here is icy even on the hottest days. But when did that stop tourists and vacationers?

What you need to know

There is a place for tents near the lake, but no more than 2-3 tents will fit there. If you arrive late, you may have to set up a tent on the road, or even go further to Lake Arshytsia, located 6 km down the road.

Lake Rosokhan: the Carpathians you didn't know about

The situation with firewood is the same. Most likely, you will find them, but it will take a lot of time to kindle them. For some reason, the firewood here always turns out to be wet, probably because of the proximity of water. So, despite the presence of two large, beautiful fireplaces with benches next to them, the burner will still not be a problem.

Another important issue is drinking water. They say there is a spring somewhere nearby, but it usually dries up in the summer and water has to be collected from the lake. It is better, of course, to boil.

And yet, if small difficulties do not frighten you, be sure to pay attention to this place. Despite the presence of other vacationers, there is a special atmosphere here. The cleanest lake, mountains, air, chirping birds – you must visit here!