Оrder bus Bogdan Isuzu

Оrder bus Bogdan Isuzu

Renting a bus without frills is  ordering a Bogdan bus. New, clean, tidy salon, equipped with all safety requirements.

The bus is ideal for staff transportation, picnic trips and other events in budget saving mode. The bus has:

  • individual airflow over each passenger seat;
  • TV, guide microphone

Number of seats – 26.

Cost of ordering a bus

Ukraine :

  • In Kyiv – 500 UAH/hour. When paying by the hour, 1 hour is added to the calculation for the bus. Minimum order – 3 hours + 1 hour (serving).
  • In Ukraine – 18 UAH/km;
  • Day of downtime (outside Kyiv) – UAH 1500


  • €0.50/km
  • Day of downtime – 1500 UAH