Order bus Mercedes 36 seats

Order bus Mercedes 36 seats

The best way to make a long trip in a reputable company or a long excursion is to rent a bus with a driver. In this case, literally everyone’s hands are “untied” and you can devote time to communication, relaxation, and exchange of opinions.

The 36-seater Mercedes is quite compact, while boasting enviable equipment. Salon equipped with:

  • 36 upholstered chairs with headrests and armrests;
  • air conditioning, sunroof, TV, audio system.

A soft air suspension will make the journey surprisingly comfortable.

Cost of ordering a bus

Ukraine :

  • UAH 35 per 1 km;
  • Kyiv – UAH 850 per 1 hour. Minimal order – 3 hours + 1 hour (serving);
  • city transfer UAH 3000.


  • € 1.10 per 1 km