Order bus Mercedes 50 seats

Order bus Mercedes 50 seats

Ordering a bus with 50 seats for excursions, meetings of delegations, corporate parties.

The cabin is perfectly balanced in terms of equipment and layout, making the bus ideal for short trips and long-distance travel at a low level of cost.


– 50 seats (soft, equipped with headrests, armrests, individual lighting, guide seat);

– TV, video-audio system, panoramic view.

You may also be interested in Neoplan bus with a capacity of 52 seats.

Cost of ordering a bus

Ukraine :

  • UAH 40 per 1 km;
  • Kyiv – UAH 1000 per 1 hour. Minimal order – 3 hours + 1 hour (serving);
  • city transfer UAH 3500.


  • € 1.20 per 1 km