Order bus Mercedes Viano

Order bus Mercedes Viano

Renting a minibus for the transfer of a delegation or for another event should answer several questions at the same time: the car should be representative, comfortable, fast, compact and at the same time not too expensive.

The bus is equipped with air conditioning, allowing you to always maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin.
Monitor TV/DVD, CD/MP3.
Salon “eco-leather” curtains, tinted double glazing, heat, sound and vibration isolation.

Number of passenger seats – 7.

Cost of ordering a bus

Ukraine :

  • UAH 18 per 1 km;
  • Kyiv – UAH 500 per 1 hour. Minimal order – 3 hours + 1 hour (serving);
  • city transfer UAH 1800.


  • € 0,75 per 1 km