Order VIP Media-mobile restaurant “Game Bus Infinity”

Order VIP Media-mobile restaurant “Game Bus Infinity”

A unique opportunity to order the world’s first offsite VIP mobile media complex with a capacity of up to 30 people.

Missed restaurants during quarantine? A multimedia restaurant complex will come to your house and you can make an unforgettable surprise for your loved ones.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your choice :

      • sandy ocean beaches,

      • snowy mountains,

      • Endless space,

      • singing spring forest.


We have created a realistic presence effect in your personal restaurant: there are people around you, waiters, voices and clinking dishes in the kitchen, live, restaurant music plays. At your request, the mobile restaurant can change places and locations at the time when you enjoy your stay in it.

Play PlayStation 4 with great sound and light!


      1. Lead-Dj-Game Instructor
      2. bartender-waiter,

      3. driver.

We can change the format of the institution, because there are: professional karaoke, and more than 40,000 songs, a dance floor with a real laser show, strobe lights and super sound, Buble-Show (soap bubble show).

This is one of those cases where words describe and fully convey emotions are very difficult, so we suggest you book and be among the first!

ATTENTION, discounts apply:

-5% for repeat customers</ span>

– 10% for children’s birthday party

– 10% for large families (3 and more children)

-20% standing still</ span>

Please note: special conditions apply for corporate parties and graduations – check with the manager when ordering


Cost of ordering a bus

  • 1 hour – UAH 4500

  • 2 hours – 5500 UAH

  • 3 hours – UAH 7500

  • 4 hours – UAH 9500

  • 5 hours – UAH 11500

  • 6 hours – 13000 UAH

  • 7 hours – UAH 14300

  • 8 hours – UAH 15200