Service transportation of employees

Service transportation of employees

Personnel transportation is required by many companies, industries and organizations, including when the place of work is remote or there is a non-standard schedule. For example, if necessary, start performing duties in the early morning hours. For many, the transportation of personnel in Kyiv becomes a problem, since maintaining your own fleet, buying buses, hiring permanent drivers, repairing and spending money on other expenses is completely unprofitable. It is much easier to conclude an agreement with a company that provides professional services in the direction. The transportation of employees to Kyiv by drivers from our company will guarantee the timely delivery of personnel and guarantee the highest possible security.

Personnel transportation in Kyiv

Personnel transportation Kyivis the main activity of our company, therefore, maximum opportunities are provided, mutually beneficial cooperation is created.

Among the positive features of concluding agreements with our company, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • transportation of personnel is carried out with the involvement of experienced drivers;
  • Personnel responsible for driving vehicles undergo a daily health check before taking up duties;
  • service transportation is carried out on a suitable transport, all costs are covered by our company, you pay only for the service;
  • a good balance of quality and cost is provided;
  • high level of service, the ability to work taking into account all the conditions of the customer.

Buses and minibuses from 6 to 50+ seats. Development of the most optimal logistic solution – free of charge. The cost of transporting employees in Kyiv – from 500 UAH, depending on the length of the route, in the region – from 700 UAH.

Розвезення працівників на час карантину

Service delivery of employees is carried out with different order volumes. Specify the number of staff, and we, in turn, will help you choose the best vehicle. The company can offer a number of options: minibuses, minivans, buses. Each unit undergoes a technical inspection (regular and daily). We give preference to imported models, choosing convenient, roomy, reliable and comfortable. Transportation of employees Kyiv will cease to be a problem, because all organizational issues will be decided by our employees. We will help ensure the efficiency of transportation and operation of your organization. Employees’ time will be used as productively as possible.

Under the contract, the road carrier provides the enterprise, institution or organization that is the customer of services with services for the transportation of an organized passenger group along a specific route for a period specified by the contract .

Choosing a schedule, the cost of staff transportation and the format of cooperation

Personnel transportation may be required both periodically and on an ongoing basis. We are ready to offer various options for collaboration.Service transportation most often implemented on an ongoing basis, less often an urgent or one-time order of services is provided, for example, to visit an internship, other branches, and so on.

Most often, delivery and delivery of personnel Kyiv is carried out in the following formats:

  • transportation to and from workplaces, along predetermined routes. In this way, it is possible to ensure maximum comfort for employees;
  • service transportation of employees according to a clear schedule. It is formed at the conclusion of agreements and is observed by our drivers;
  • delivery of Kyiv employees only to workplaces. Usually the staff gets back on their own;
  • personnel transportationon an ad hoc basis or as needed. For example, after events, in case of need for a delay at work, and so on.
Pay by bank transfer with or without VAT.

Transportation of personnel under quarantine conditions. Security

All recommended personal protective equipment against coronavirus is used when arranging official transportation. Drivers are provided with antiviral masks and gloves. Bus interiors are disinfected after each trip.

Personnel transportation is done to ensure your benefit. Routes will be carefully designed and optimized. Thanks to the experience of our specialists, service delivery will be implemented in the optimal mode. Travel time, traffic congestion, the beginning of the working day are taken into account. Delivery of personnel Kyiv is carried out taking into account all the requirements of the customer, and in case of need for adjustment, the company’s specialists will consult with the customer. Why spend money on maintaining your park when you can lower costs and get top-notch service? Service transportation of employees with the involvement of a transport company is the choice of successful managers.

Service delivery in Kyiv

Guarantees for your safety and high quality of service

Service delivery is not as easy a task as it seems at first glance, so the involvement of specialists will solve a number of problems. If a certain bus cannot be used, another one will replace it. The transportation of employees to Kyiv will go according to plan, even if the employee of the company was unable to take up his duties.

We will quickly find a replacement and deliver the vehicle at the agreed time. Having concluded an agreement with us, you get real security guarantees. Passage of the commission by drivers is provided, control of a condition of buses, maintenance of all vehicle fleet is carried out. To find out how much the staff transportation costs or to clarify the details, contact us in a convenient way.