Transportation of employees during quarantine

Transportation of employees during quarantine

For an hour of quarantine through the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, our company will help organize the delivery of rescue workers to the month of work. For businesses, if they can’t take the time to quarantine, will offer delivery to the staff until the month of work and at the return direct. Buses and minibuses from 6 to 50+ months. Delivery of the most optimal logistic solution – free of charge. Variation of distribution of spivrobitniks in Kiev – 500 UAH, fallow – 700 UAH.

Розвезення працівників на час карантину

It’s legal to send a message during the quarantine hour

According to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 11, 2020. No. 211 “On the spread of the disease on the territory of Ukraine of the acute respiratory disease COVID-19, caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2”, the fence on the territory of regular special transportation was not installed. The distribution of workers is carried out according to the minds, assigned to the passport, the route and the minds of the contract. Under the contract, the car carrier is given to the undertaking, establishes an organization, as a substitute for the services, services from the transportation of the organized passenger group for the song route on the appointment lines of the contract.

In this way, in Denmark, the transportation of passengers is allowed – business owners, establish, organize, and itself – regular special transportation, organize flights from paragraphs 13, 45-50 of the Rules.

Passing staff in the minds of quarantine. Security

When arranging service transportation, all recommendations are made for individual protection against coronavirus. Water is provided with anti-rusal masks and mittens. The salons of the buses are disinfected after the skin is more expensive.